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About 2015

discover this “Even when the album doesn’t directly reference the spiritual jazz movement, as it does on the closing song, “Epilogue,” Stillman sounds as if he’s drawing on a deep reserve of sacred conviction.” AQUARIUM DRUNKARD “Like the celestial phenomena of its title, the power of Rainbow is in Stillman’s ability to bridge the album’s weather-beaten foundations with elegant surges of brightness and colour. A remarkable achievement.” MOJO

corso online trading opzioni binarie “I’ve already read comparisons to the album that mention Alice Coltrane, Moondog, Ornette Coleman, American minimalism, spiritual jazz, and the “old, weird America” of Harry Smith — and while all those references do seem apropos, there’s a very, very personal and elegiac sentiment that Stillman’s expressing that I find to be very original. If I hear another song as beautiful as “As He Walked into the Field” this year it will be a great year indeed.” OTHER MUSIC

go free bonus binary option “Earthy and melancholic, it speaks a language that all great musicians convey; one that allows the listener a fleeting glimpse into his own soul, through listening to someone else’s soulful outpouring.” UK VIBE “Stillman is a composer with an innovative way of rethinking a creaky, generally neglected strain of Americana” Visit Your URL UNCUT

binära optioner på avanza “His use of instruments old and modern, those born of nature and those crafted from science all converge to present a multifaceted work of music, as varied and rich and sublime and flawed as life.”BIRD IS THE WORM

frodi opzioni binarie Robert Stillman is a composer and multi-instrumentalist from the northeast United States. His music juxtaposes the archaic with the futuristic, incorporating influences of American Folk Music, Jazz, Minimalism, and experimental electronic music to create a sound described by the Guardian as “lending an avant-garde shimmer to pre-modern American sounds.”

Stillman has released 7 albums of his music, the most recent of which, Rainbow, (Orindal Records) has received praise from Mojo, Aquarium Drunkard, Other Music, and Jamie Cullum (BBC2), and has been played on BBC Radio 3′s “Late Junction”, WFMU, and NTS radio.

He has performed his music at venues and festivals throughout the US and Europe, both as a solo act, and with his brass, organ, and percussion ensemble, The Archaic Future Players. He has supported bands such as Deerhoof, Yo La Tengo, Dirty Projectors, and Casiotone for the Painfully Alone/Advance Base. He has also collaborated with visual artists Mark Garry, Sarah Magenheimer, and the Borbonesa publishing group.

The diversity of Stillman’s music reflects his varied musical life, which started with saxophone lessons in his native Portland, Maine at 11 years old. A move to Boston to study jazz introduced him to formative teachers (George Garzone, Danilo Perez, George Russell), as well as to like-minded colleagues with whom he’d later collaborate, including future members of bands like Glass Ghost, Dirty Projectors, Caveman, and Here We Go Magic. Upon arriving in New York in 2011, this circle of musical colleagues widened to include new collaborators like Luke Temple, Chris and Kurt Weisman, and members of the band Grizzly Bear. Since relocating to England, Stillman has worked in bands led by Kit Downes, Tom Skinner, Sean Carpio, and Liran Donin. He is also a member of the collaborative audio-visual ensemble Bog Bodies, which recently completed a residency at the Model Arts and Niland Gallery in Sligo, Ireland, and released its first album Sligo in summer 2017.

His most recent album is Rainbow, on the Orindal record label.

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“The US composer and mult-instrumentalist presents a brass-and-percussion requiem for John Fahey, which marches, staggers, waltzes, and floats with a euphoric, drunken dignity. (★★★★)
binära optioner guide MOJO

“(Station Wagon Interior Perspective) is a tibute to guitar soil master by another American londer-visionary… Stillman has been chipping away at an ornery, creaky vision of American 20th-Century fantasia, taking in the drunken lurch of late-night big band, the irrepressible freedoms of Charlie Haden’s Liberation Music Orchestra, and the visionary freedom of outsiders like Charles Ives and Harry Partch (8/10) metoda abramowicza opcje binarne opinie UNCUT

“The album is a fuzzily familiar mix of pre-jazz American folk, lurching brass toots, and skeletal sound-collage. It’s a creative retelling of a music legend, and one that won’t prompt its spectral muse to emerge from the spiritual plane to issue a corrective.” THE PORTLAND PHOENIX

“‬Composer Robert Stillman’s sublime latest transmission sets wordless one-man band pieces conjuring a quaint Americana against mechanical collages…Like drifting off in a saloon bar reverie and waking up beside a locomotive engine.
(★ ★ ★ ★ )  swing trading strategy MOJO

“Stillman takes over-familiar totems of Americana asks you to hear them afresh.” THE GUARDIAN OBSERVER

“Machine’s Song is a creaky, uncanny music that creates an impressionistic ‬picture of old America” -  he said UNCUT‬

“Listening to Robert Stillman’s extraordinary Machine’s Song is akin to stepping inside some half remembered dreamworld inhabited by fairground organs, player pianos and other antique musical automata.” - SHINDIG’S HAPPENING MAGAZINE

“It’s beautiful music that engages both the emotions and the intellect, and seems to exist at least partly in the shadows of memory, which is, perhaps, a bit part of what makes it such a rousing delight.” - THE HURST REVIEW‬

“At its foundation, Stillman’s work evokes images of bar brawls, oncoming trains, and wild gesticulations, but the loving romanticism of his narratives is infused with experimental touches that both examine and repurpose the legacy of early American music.”  THE PORTLAND PHOENIX

“Wonderfully sympathetic music that has the feel of Glass or Reich, whilst retaining an organic warmth.” THE TERRASCOPE

“His music reveals an America often obscured by the brash sheen of modernity, in which family, landscape, and time emerge as core concerns.” BRIGHTON ARGUS