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Tastylia Purchase Without Prescription RAINBOW Orindal Records, 2016 (clear vinyl LP, CD, Download

opcje binarne opłacalność Six solo-multitracked recordings of woodwinds, pianos, drums, and electronic sound. Composed as dedications to my wife, Anna, my late daughter Ruth, my second-born daughter Romilly, the landscape of my adopted home in East Kent, and my blue station wagon, Warren. Click here for info and pre-order

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binära optioner böcker Watch/Listen: ‘As He Walked Into the Field’

LEAP OF DEATH Archaic Future Records, 2014

(Limited edition of 50 bookwork/LP’s; website; free download)

An abstract reconstruction of F.W. Murnau’s “4 Devils” (1928), a film of which all known copies are lost. Realised as a limited edition of 50 bookwork/LP’s, Leap of Death uses letterpress printed text, trace monotype printed images, and music to create an atmosphere of the ’4 Devils’ narrative. Created in collaboration with Anna Fewster and Sarah Bryant.

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(Vinyl 10″/CD/Download, Archaic Future Recordings/Apohadion Records, November 2012)

A four-movement suite for Fender Rhodes, c-melody saxophone, trumpet, trombone, tuba, and percussion, written for the late ragtime guitarist/composer/sound artist John Fahey. Limited edition of 100 Vinyl 10″ records, plus hand-screen gatefold eco-pack CD’s and high-quality downloads. CD and download includes bonus tracks “Epilogue for JF” and “NR Rag”.

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‘Part I: Waltz’

‘Part III: Stomp’

MACHINE’S SONG 2011, One Inch Badge Records

A repertoire of music for one man band, realized in solo performance and recording,
this music focuses on the notion of Uncanny in musical automata, one-man-band performance,
and multi-track tape composition.

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‘Broadwar Retreat’

MASTER BOX 2009, Archaic Future Recordings

Piano-based song and sound collage. Rags, boogies, + moving parts. Includes essay ‘The Mystery and Player Pianos.’ Packaged in hand-made gatefold constructed of piano rolls, printed by Anna Fewster.

Download press one-sheet: Master Box one-sheet

‘BBQ Dave’

‘The Talking Clock 2008′

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3 EARLY MAINE FILMS DVD/CD, 2008, l’animaux tryst (field) recordings

Music and sound composed to accompany silent archive footage from turn of the (19th-20th) century Maine industry and leisure. Released as a limited edition of 50 hand-sewn double-gatefolds, with lino-print by Anna Fewster.

Download Promo 1 sheet: Maine FIlms one-sheet

Sample tracks:
‘Fishing in Rangeley Lakes’


ROBERT STILLMAN’S HORSES Millpond Records, 2005

The LP of the original ‘Horses’ repertoire, recorded at Seattle’s Avast studios. Featuring Robert Stillman, RJ Miller, Adam Chelinski, Pete Rende, Jonathan Rossman, Luke Temple.

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Download Promo One Sheet: Horses one-sheet

Sample Tracks:
‘The Dance 1′


© Robert Stillman, 2010